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Growing in Faith and Love

At every age and throughout life, Christians are called to grow in faith. Faith is a gift from God, but it is up to us to cherish it and increase it. By nourishing ourselves with the Word of God, by celebrating and receiving the sacraments, by relying on the faith of others in Christian community, our faith grows. The Bible says that the first Christians "persevered in the apostles' teaching, in fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayer. "(Acts 2:42)

The "desire of the Christian" says Pope Francis, is to "grow in the living experience" of the "mystery of love" of Jesus Christ. The Christian life is an experience of growth in love.  Christ calls us to this continual conversion. The love of God and neighbour is a path of inner transformation that leads us to holiness.  Christ calls us to this continual conversion in order to live a true life in God.  


Praying means saying to God "Here I am" and entrusting him with these three words: "Thank you," "Sorry," "Please."

Where to pray? Everywhere! At home, in church, in nature, on the subway or on the train, in your car...

Who to pray with? One can pray alone, by being present to His presence and listening to God in silence, or with others, with family or friends... When two or three are gathered in my name I am in the midst of them" (Mt 18: 20)

How can I pray? There are several ways:

  1. with the prayers of the Church
  2. with Scriptures (the Bible)... Lectio divina, meditation, contemplative dialogue
  3. by receiving the sacraments  or participating in Eucharistic adoration
  4. with the saints
  5. with a spiritual book
  6. contemplating nature or practicing a daily activity: ironing, climbing the stairs...
  7. with songs of praise  or  sacred music
  8. with the recitation of the rosary
  9. by making a pilgrimage

Catechetics at home

During this time of crisis, catechetics activities for children have ceased ... almost! It was without counting on the magic of the Internet! Many initiatives have been born here and there, proposals of animation and tools offered free of charge via the sites of dioceses, movements, publishing houses, to guide parents, the first catechists of their children, to pray with them and catechize them at home. We relay some of them below, hoping that they can help families to live this time of crisis as an opportunity to get closer to Christ, with their children.

Loving your Neighbour

"Love your neighbor as yourself" (Mark 12:31)

Jesus tells us, the double commandment, loving God and neighbor, recaps all the law. It is the heart, the core of Christian life. "These two precepts," said St. Augustine, "must never be erased from your hearts!"

Our love for God can be an illusion if it does not translate into deeds, "deeds and truth," says St. John (1 Jn3,18).

Let us draw divine love from God through prayer, Scriptures and the sacraments. But let's not leave it at that! Let us free the impulse of generosity that union with Christ generates by reaching out to our brothers and sisters.

It is only by giving back to our neighbor the love received from God that this love becomes light and revelation. "It is by loving your neighbor that you deserve to see God," says St. Augustine.

Whatever our affinities and difficulties, let us love each other. Let us be for each other the revealers of God's love!

Inspired from a text by Olivier de Germay: Loving God or Neighbor

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