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The summary report of the consultation for the Roman Synod of 2023 is now available.

The Diocesan Synodal Assembly of May 28 accepted its conclusions and found that they reflected the current situation of our diocesan Church. The consensus that emerged reiterated the following needs: 1) welcoming and listening; 2) encouraging small groups; 3) the Word of God; 4) simplifying language; 5) adapting liturgical celebrations, especially the Eucharist; 6) integrating the laity by thinking of families, children and youth, and offering more visibility to women in leadership; 7) offering formation, including increasing skills; 8) witnessing to brotherly and universal love. We encourage you to use it to continue walking together.

The Dialogue VI joins the other five to provide a more complete overview of the synod's extensive consultation process. One of the wishes of this process is to have the point of view of as many people as possible, including that of our brothers and sisters who have distanced themselves from the Church. This booklet aims to reach out to those people, not necessarily "practising," which are open to dialogue with the life of the Church here.

An animated PowerPoint presentation (in French) on synodality that can help you in the preparation of dialogue groups.


You will find HERE an aide-memoire guide to facilitate group animation.


New Webinar Series Explores Synodality in the Church

Saint Paul University's Research Centre: Vatican II and 21st Century Catholicism is launching a new webinar series titled For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, Mission — Reflections.

For information regarding all future webinars in the series, please click here.

Synod 2023 Preparatory Document

Vademecum for the Synod

Toolkit Social Media

Some news from the synod around the world

We can see that many Christians from all corners of the ecclesial horizon share the enthusiasm and the challenges we are facing in the preparatory phase of the synod. This first assessment makes us feel that we are in communion with the whole Church in the search for a competent and authentic listening in a true effort of discernment. We realize that these are places of learning for conversion and mission: two inseparable dimensions for the missionary disciples of Jesus Christ. Read more...

Synodality in the life and mission of the Church

Mass to launch the preparatory phase of the next synod.

Dominican Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, former Master of the Order of Preachers, reflects on the importance of 'daring to listen' as part of the Church's path toward the 2023 Synod of Bishops.

We propose this video for those who would have liked to hear the homily of Pope Francis during the opening mass of the Synod on synodality. This homily of the pope provides us with the essentials to understand the synodal process in which our diocese is engaged. 

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