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Who is Jesus ?

One day a priest was called to visit a man in prison, let's call him John. He was bored and wanted to read something. Someone had suggested that he read the Bible. So the priest brought him a copy of the Bible, suggesting that he start with the Gospel of Luke. A few days later, the priest came back to see John, who seemed quite excited.  

- I read the section you told me to read. It tells the story of a man called Jesus. Have you read this story? 

- Yes, replied the priest, smiling, I have read that story. 

- It says that he was killed, but came back to life.  

- Indeed, that's what it says. 

- Do you believe that? 

The priest was no longer smiling. This was a serious question. He looked John in the eye and answered, 

- Yes, I believe that. 

John became serious in turn. Then he said, 

- If that's true, it changes everything! 

Who is Jesus? For a Christian, Jesus is the man who changes everything. Those who knew him, who walked with him, ate with him, laughed and cried with him, explained that he was the one sent by God, who came into the world to manifest God's desire to enter into relationship with every human being. 

All this happened two thousand years ago in Palestine. Jesus was a Jew, as were his followers. To truly understand his life and message, you must become familiar with Jewish tradition and the sacred texts of the Jews, what Christians call the Old Testament. The New Testament contains accounts of his life and of the early Christian communities, as well as reflections on his message left to us by his friends. The Old and New Testaments form the Christian Bible, the Word of God for humanity. These are the writings that allow us to learn who Jesus is. 

To seek to know Jesus is to start an adventure that can change life by giving it meaning. As we learn from him, we are enlightened and filled with renewed hope. With him, our understanding of the world, of ourselves and of God is transformed.  

Who is Jesus? Come and see! 

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